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【CCTV】Live News : The Construction of Egypt EETC Line Project
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On December 31 16:10 local time, CCTV reported the construction of the 15th Line of The EETC 500kv transmission line project, with 430m span and 122m-high tower, it’s the highest and longest power line in Egypt so far which reflects the strength of “World Energy, Energy China”.

Build Brand Name “Energy China”

At the beginning of the project, we determined to build our brand name in Egypt.

The most difficult thing for construction in Egypt is the high temperature. It’s hard for work at height due to the temperature reaches 40℃ in the middle and the ground temperature even above 50 ℃. However, we overcame the difficulties and broke 4 records.

Promote the Egypt economic development

Currently, the total installed capacity in Egypt reaches 33,000,000KW, though it’s the first in the North Africa and Middle East, there is still a 3,000,000KW power shortage for the peak time which restricts the economic development.

Upon the completion of 500KV main grid upgrading and rebuilding, it will substantially increase the power output capacity and enhance the overall safety of state grid as well as promoting the rational utilization of electrical power.

The project will drive the upstream and downstream industry development of energy, electric equipment and raw material, and will also create about 7000 jobs for local residents. According to the Egypt State Grid planning, the project will put forward the interconnection with Saudi Arabic, Jordan and Libya to output the surplus power and then increase the foreign exchange, it will brings drives for economic recovery and promotes economic development.  

Develop overseas market

GM of Egyptian World Chambers of Commerce expressed that the Egypt backward infrastructure restricted the economic development, the government makes great efforts to improve the power supply. China has superior enterprises and capacities, a lot of enterprises have great experience of construction and with strong international competitive. Egypt welcomes the enterprise from China and expects to enhance the cooperation with China.

It’s estimated that the follow-up energy projects in Egypt will drive more than 50% contract of power export for China-Egypt, has  profound effect on “go globally” for electric engineering, top electrical technology consultation, electrical standard and product, offer mutual benefits and achieve win-win cooperation.  

China UHV transmission technology, equipment and engineering contracting go into Egypt are under the background of China-Egypt industry capacity cooperation. As important gateway to African countries and Arab countries, Egypt is the supporting country along Belt and Road, to capacity cooperate with Egypt is meaningful for transferring high quality capacity and enhance B&R construction.


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