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Contract Signed for Iraq Missan Oil Field Grid EPC Project
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On December 26, ENERGY CHINA TEPC and CNOOC Iraq Limited held the signing ceremony for Iraq Missan Oil Field Grid EPC Project.

The signing ceremony was held in Yangliuqing office. Yujin, General Manager of CNOOC Iraq Limited, Yang Tingsheng,  Manager of FCD of CNOOC Iraq Limited, Deng Zhisheng, Deputy Manager of PRT of CNOOC Iraq Limited, Fu Xiujun, Chairman of the Board (Executive Director) & Secretary of the Communist Party Committee of TEPC, Xu Dong,  Xie Zuowen,  Deputy General Manager, Chen Jian, Deputy Chief Engineer of Overseas Engineering Company of TEPC participated  in signing ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Xu Dong.

Both parties jointly watched the publicity video of ENERGY CHINA TEPC.

Yu indicated that Iraq Missan Oil Field Grid Project would be further cooperation after Missan Oil Field Project for both parties. He hoped we should base on the contract and under the guarantee of safety and quality to comply with local laws and regulations and respect local social customs and habits, we should also prepare emergency plan and improve the usage of local staff as well as put value on overseas social influence, In the future, we should not only learn from each other in the management experience, but also communicate about the Party work.

Fu pointed out that Iraq Missan 132KV Grid Project would be the third cooperation for TEPC and CNOOC, and would be the first overseas grid EPC project which play a decisive role and with unusual significance, we would refer to the past experience and relay on the platform of Iraq Branch Company to improve the international business and carry out the contract in accordance with laws and regulations. We would repay CNOOC with outstanding performance and consolidate the basis for further cooperation via overall Party work interaction.

Yu and Xie signed the contract respectively represented two companies. Later, the participants took a photo.

After Iraq Missan Oil Field 2x44MW Gas Turbine  single cycle power plant constructed by TEPC going into operation, it substantially improve the power supply capacity for oil field. But due to the shortage of transmission lines, the power could not transported to the degassing station far from the power plant which had seriously restrict the implementation of oil field  increase production plan. This project is aims to improve the power supply of degassing station and assistant oil file production increase.


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