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Smooth Completion of Inner Steel Cylinders of No. 2 Stack of Pakistan HUBCO Project
Date:2018-11-20 VisitCount: Font size:[ L M S ]

  On Nov. 18, Pakistani local time, the inner steel cylinder of No. 2 stack of Pakistan HUBCO 2X660MW TPP project contracted by the consortium of CPECC and CEEC TEPC was successfully completed. The outer shell of stack is a reinforced concrete structure of 205 meters high and the inner shell is a double-cylinder titanium structure of 210 meters high in 53 sections.
  Hydraulic lifting system is used for the construction of the inner shell of stack No. 2. The lifting work started on Sept. 28 and finished on Nov. 18, a total of 50 days and a 12-day advance from the original milestone schedule. During the entire process, the project office held true to the principle of ‘Safety & Life First’ and the philosophy of ‘Build Quality Works Once and For All’, relevant personnel stayed on site for the work for tight communication and trouble-shooting.
  The successful completion of inner shell of stack laid a solid foundation for future milestones.


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