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‘Painting Home Beauty’ - Perfect Ending of Pakistani Children's Drawing Competition in Pakistan HUBCO Project
Date:2018-08-10 VisitCount: Font size:[ L M S ]

  The endless sea, the tall stack, the towering main building ... with their tender strokes, these children painted a color future, sending out the most pure voice of the heart. On August 7, echoing the call from CEEC, the ‘Painting Home Beauty’ - Pakistani Children’s Drawing Competition sponsored by the HUBCO project contracted by CEEC North Construction Investment Co. TEPC was successfully completed at TCF elementary school in Balochistan Prov. During the event, more than 100 Pakistani local children picked up their brushes to record the changes brought about by the construction of the power station, depicting the bright vision of ‘OBOR’ cooperation.

  At 10 o'clock in the morning the same day, HUBCO project staff arrived at TCF elementary school, distributing brushes and other supplies to children. Small Pakistani painters are eager to get on the paper. The children, giving full play to their creativity and imagination, created a lot of good works depicting the main buildings and construction of the HUBCO power station and the beautiful vision of the locale after the completion of the project. In sprightly color with fun and wonderful ideas, the little painters completed unfettered the pure most beautiful 'children's painting'. Finally, a selection of 13 outstanding works shortlisted. Ms. Atiqa Zubedad, the local teacher who guided the children's paintings, deemed the painting activity very meaningful, saying: ‘Children are more imaginative and creative than adults, and thank CEEC for giving the children a stage to show themselves.’

  This year is the five anniversary of the ‘OBOR’ initiative. Over the past five years, CEEC has been able to build up its own advantages and take practical actions to interpret the concept of ‘Develop Steadily and Beyond by Win-Win Strategy’. The event not only vividly demonstrates CEEC’s participation in the ‘OBOR’ initiative, especially to achieve the extraordinary achievements in the construction of ‘China-Pakistan Economic Corridor’, and further enhance the brand image of CEEC. Painting as the expression of children's self, is the best way to embody inPiduality. Although the level of education in Pakistan can still be improved, but these paintings reflect the lovely, innocent side of the children, expressed a good vision of peace, China-Pakistan friendship and future construction. HUBCO power station project as a prioritized project in the ‘China-Pakistan Economic Corridor’, will continue to benefit local people in terms of education and other public welfare undertakings development.


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