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Xu Dong attended the opening ceremony of the 50MW Photovoltaic EPC Project in Kuala Ketil Town, Kedah, Malaysia and delivered a speech
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  On the morning of September 8, local time, the opening ceremony of the 50MW photovoltaic EPC project in Kuala Ketil Town, Kedah State, Malaysia was held in front of the project administration building. Mukher Mahathir, Kedah State Minister of Malaysia, Datuk Wira Mark Ling, President and Executive Director of Edra, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CGNPC, Li Weiqiang, Chief Financial Officer of CGN in Edra, Malaysia, and Xu Dong, deputy general manager and chief legal adviser of China Energy Engineering Group Tianjin Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd. were invited to attend the ceremony and delivered speeches.
  In his speech, President and Executive Director of Edra Power Malaysia said that the company is committed to developing Malaysia's renewable energy industry and creating more jobs for the local area. The company is confident that it can complete 20% of it’s country's solar power market share by 2025. Meanwhile, Tianjin Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd. was invited as an EPC contractor to participate in the construction of the local renewable energy power generation market.
  Xu Dong said in his speech: “Edra Photovoltaic Co., Ltd., as a photovoltaic power station development company in Malaysia, has always enjoyed a good reputation in the field of power development in Malaysia. We are grateful for the opportunity to cooperate with you. During the implementation of this project, ENERGY CHINA TEPC pays close attention to the performance of the project, devotes the company's high-quality resources, be rigorous and practical, strives for excellence, and successfully realizes the commercial operation of the project within the contract period, and currently have excellent operational indicators”.
  The Kedah Photovoltaic Power Plant Project is our third construction project in Malaysia and the first in-depth cooperation with Malaysian local corporation. We are convinced that with the “be capable, be reliable” performance capability of China Energy Engineering Group Tianjin Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd., with the successful delivery of this PV project, we will be on a deeper and wider cooperation level with  Malaysian local corporation. We also look forward to making more contributions to infrastructure development in Kedah state and Malaysia as a whole.
  In the speech, the Minister of State of Kedah stated that the geographical location and lighting conditions of Kedah are very suitable for solar energy development, being the fourth among the world’s ranking in terms of light resources. So far, the state has developed a solar plant with an area of 20,000 hectares, located in Kulim, Hi-tech, Pendang, Pokok Senda and Langkawi, and can generate 200Mwac of solar power, with the green Kedah state policy, the future renewable energy power generation market is huge. We hope and welcome "Tianjin Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd. and other outstanding Chinese enterprises" to actively participate in infrastructure construction in Kedah and Malaysia.


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