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Zhao Zhiyong went to Dubai 950MW Photothermal Photovoltaic Power Generation Project for inspection and instruction
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  On the afternoon of July 30, Zhao Zhiyong, deputy general manager of China Energy Engineering Group Tianjin Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd. and Party Secretary and general manager of Overseas Engineering Company, and Li Lixin, deputy general Manager of Overseas Engineering Company, went to the Dubai Photothermal Project Department for inspection and instruction.
  Zhao Zhiyong and Li Lixin listened to the report on the engineering, operation, safety, quality and party building work of the Dubai Photothermal Project in the conference room. Zhao Zhiyong put forward specific requirements for project performance management from the coordinated management of each bid section, operating cost control, performance resource organization, and promotion of localization. He pointed out the direction for the follow-up multi-segment project management and project performance.
  Then, accompanied by Xu Zhiyong, Project Manager of Dubai Photothermal Project Department, and Zhao Jingfu, Project Manager of Dubai Photothermal B1 project department, Zhao Zhiyong and Li Lixin went deep into the pile foundation construction area of the unit 1 trough unit mirror field, the molten salt tank foundation construction area and steam engine room, for better understanding of the progress of on-site engineering.
  During the period, Zhao Zhiyong and Li Lixin visited Zhao Hui, project manager of Shanghai Electric Corporate Dubai Photothermal project department, and the two sides communicated about the construction organization of each bid section on site.


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