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Fu Xiujun was Invited to the Commercial Operation Ceremony of Hubco Project
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  On October 21, Pakistan Hubco coal-fired power plant was put into operation. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and China Ambassador to Pakistan Yao Jing attended and addressed the ceremony. Tian Jun, general manager of China Power International Co., LTD, Luo Bixiong, general manager and deputy secretary of the party committee of CEEC Planning and Design Co., LTD, Wang Yonghong, secretary of the party committee and chairman of China Science and Technology Development Co., LTD, Hu Ming, secretary of the party committee and chairman of Northwest Electric Power Design Institute, Ma Xiaofeng, general manager of International Engineering Branch, Fu Xiujun, secretary of the party committee and chairman (executive director) of TEPC, and Liu Zhonghua, deputy chief engineer of TEPC and executive director and general manager of Tianjin Launch Electric Power Maintenance Co., Ltd. attended the ceremony.
  Imran Khan expressed his heartfelt thanks to Chinese builders in his speech. He said that since the China-Pakistan economic corridor was proposed, Chinese enterprises have brought new technologies to Pakistan and played an important role in promoting Pakistan’s economic development; that ‘Pakistan government welcomes and supports more Chinese enterprises to invest in Pakistan, conduct cooperation with small and medium-sized enterprises in Pakistan and participate in Pakistan’s national construction’.
  Yao Jing in his speech said that China- Pakistan Economic Corridor has entered a new stage of cooperation in terms of industry, agriculture and social livelihood. As Pakistan’s partner and friend, China will continue to support its economic and social development and improvement of people’s livelihood.
  On the morning of October 22, CLP International guided the leaders from various companies to hold a symposium in the conference room to exchange opinions on contract performance experiences, and communicated with each other on the construction of dry coal shed and quality assurance, operation and maintenance of the power station after commercial operation. After the meeting, leaders from companies visited and inspected on the 65m level of Boiler 1#, the CCR, the ST platform, the coal unloading jetty, the coal yard and other areas.  
  Relevant personnel from China Power Engineering Consulting Group NWEPDI- CEEC TEPC project department attended the ceremony.
  Since August 2016 when the first builders came to site, three years of continuous exploration and hard work have ensued. By far, Hubco project has won 7 QC awards, 2 technical patents, 1 science and technology progress prize and 1 “spirit of craftsman award”. Besides supplying the locals with an annual power output of 9 billion kW/h and thus meeting the power demands of 4 million households, the completed project has also promoted effectively the construction of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor by fully showing the good image of Chinese enterprises, instilling new vitality into the full scope strategic partnership between the two countries.


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