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The Tianjin Launch Special Hoisting Engineering Co., Ltd. built a 140-meter wind turbine project for the first time and completed the lifting work of the first wind turbine
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  At 17:18 on November 12, the lifting of the first 140-meter wind turbine of the Gaotang County wind farm Liangcun project of Beijing Sanzi Energy Co., Ltd., which was built by the hoisting company, was successfully completed, marks the entry of the project into the installation stage.
  The project is located in Liangcun Town, Gaotang County, Liaocheng City. The planned capacity of the wind farm project site is 100MW. The construction scale of the project is 50MW. It is planned to design and install about 20 wind turbines with a single unit capacity of 2.5MW. The topography the site is plain, and the terrain is relatively flat. Wind farm 110kV booster station location planning site in the southeast of Yinji Town.
  The hoisting company installed the Zhejiang Yunda WD-140/2.5MW type wind turbine with a height of 140 meters and a large single equipment for the first time. Before installation, strictly carried out safety disclosure and technical disclosure, and displayed the the process and craft of wind turbine installation in the form of projection video. Define the dangerous points and hazard sources in the installation process of the wind turbine and formulate pre-control measures. During the installation of the wind turbine, the manpower and mechanical resources were rationally allocated, and the safety and quality control was strengthened, to ensure the smooth installation of the first wind turbine of the project.


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