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Signing ceremony of contract for the construction of Dubai photo-thermal project Lot C was held on site
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  On the afternoon of August 27th local time, the signing ceremony of the C-bid contract for the construction of the Dubai photo-thermal Project was grandly held at the construction site. Yi Xiaorong, Vice President of Shanghai Electric Power Station Group and General Manager of Engineering Company, and Xie Zuowen, General Manager of the China Energy Construction Group Tianjin Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd. and Deputy Secretary of Party Committee, attend the meeting and deliver a speech.The signing ceremony was hosted by Zhao Hui, project manager of Shanghai Electric Power Station Engineering Company.
  In his speech, Xie Zuowen said that Shanghai Electric is a large-scale comprehensive equipment manufacturing group in China, a well-known brand in China's industrial manufacturing, and a leading enterprise in China's foreign engineering contracting field. Tianjin Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd. And Shanghai Electric has a long history of cooperation. The cooperation between the two parties is pragmatic and the achievements are obvious to all. From India, Iraq, Malaysia, Serbia to the Middle East, cooperation has deepened step by step and achieved good results.
  After the implementation of the civil construction bid of the Dubai photo-thermal Project, we have the honor again to undertake the installation of the bid, which is not only Shanghai Electric's trust in our company, but also a heavy responsibility, which marks that the cooperation between the two parties has entered a new stage and stepped up to a new level. Tianjin Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd. will continue to carry forward the spirit of "rouse, contend, rigorous, practical", continue to show the “be capable, be reliable” corporate image, resolutely complete the tasks assigned by the general contractor,and return trust with practical actions.The company will take this cooperation as an opportunity to fully support the project construction. It is expected that the cooperation between the two parties will achieve more achievements in the future and write a more colorful new chapter.
  In his speech, Yi Xiaorong said that he was very pleased to sign the construction contract of the C- bid with Tianjin Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd. at the construction site of the Dubai photo-thermal Project. Many of Shanghai Electric's first time in the power industry are related to Tianjin Power Construction Co., Ltd., which is indeed worth congratulating. He pointed out that the total installed capacity of the power station is the largest in the world, bearing heavy responsibilities and great social impact. At the same time, the power station is located in the vast desert, the construction environment is harsh, and the amount of excavation is huge. It is hoped that Tianjin Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd. can attach great importance to coordinate the allocation of resources, optimize the corporate team, and fully guarantee the progress of the project. The two enterprise support and help each other, turning the impossible into possible, creating one miracle after another. The photo-thermal project in Dubai will be a landmark project and another breakthrough in the Shanghai Electric New Energy photo-thermal field. It is a successful case of entering the overseas high-end market, building a Chinese brand, and implementing the "Belt and Road" initiative. Tianjin Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd. is an important partner of Shanghai Electric. We look forward to more cooperation between the two parties and greater success.
  On behalf of the photo-thermal team of Tianjin Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd., Xu Zhiyong solemnly promised that during the implementation of the project, the project team will closely focus on the general contractor's management rules, deepen the professionalism, and effectively sort out the interface, overcome difficulties especially in the C- bid heat collecting pipe welding and other new technology, to create a model of Teamwork assembly line operation.
  Zhao Jianhua, deputy chief engineer of Shanghai Electric Power Station Engineering Company, and Li Lixin, deputy general manager of Overseas Engineering Company, signed the contract on behalf of both parties.
  The Dubai 950MW photo-thermal project is located in the Maktoum Solar Park in the south of Dubai, 65 kilometers from downtown. With a total investment of 4.4 billion USD and an area of 44 square kilometers, the solar plant boasts of the largest installed capacity in the world.


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