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The First Rock Blasting Completed by TEPC Jamshoro Project
Date:2019-04-08 VisitCount: Font size:[ L M S ]

On March 25, 2019(L-TM), TEPC Jamshoro Project initiated rock blasting work. Under the supervision of Gao Jianquan, Project Manager of TEPC Jamshoro Project, and Liu Fei, Site Manager of Jamshoro Project, the commander for the blasting delivered blasting order after two-times early warning. After a blast of boom, the work completed as expected. The first rock blasting kicked off the rock blasting work for the whole site. The workload of rock blasting totals 1.8 million m3.

Since moving into the site on December, 2018, the project department has been preparing for rock blasting work. The project department has managed to get conferred with blasting permit, explosives license and DC OFFICE Permit. Before implementing the blasting work, the Project Department informed the local residents around the project of matters need attention. Besides, they set separation facilities around the affected area and disclosed safe work method statement for blasting. What’s more, in faced with all kinds of tough production and living conditions like scorching weather, the department staff take the initiatives to tackle them with the attitudes of preciseness and reliability. For example, in faced with the situation where the newly built boiler foundation needs to be removed due to relocation of gas pressure regulating station, the project department immediately made an action plans to implement main power house foundation excavation, on-site access roads construction and temporary living quarter construction, laying a solid foundation for project performance.


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