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Bin Qasim Project Circulating Water Pump House Renovation Started
Date:2020-10-19 VisitCount: Font size:[ L M S ]

  On September 26, local time, as the circulating water pump motor of Unit 4 began to be dismantled, the renovation of the circulating water pump house of the Pakistan Bin Qasim 900MW Thermal Power Plant Phase III project, undertaken by Energy China TEPC, officially started.
  The Phase III project needs to reconstruct the original circulating water pump house, and rebuilds it on site after dismantling the old one of Units 3 and 4. After Unit 4 was shut down on September 21st, the 2 cooling water pumps, 1 black start pump, and 2 rinse pumps of Unit 4 were removed first.
  It is reported that the Pakistan Bin Qasim 900MW Thermal Power Plant Project is located in Port Qasim, Karachi, Pakistan. The power plant uses liquefied natural gas as the main fuel and light diesel as the auxiliary fuel. It plans to adopt two sets of 4000F-class 1-to-1 single-shaft combined cycle arrangements. Energy China TEPC is mainly responsible for on-site temporary construction, plant-wide installation, and contracting of the main plant construction project.


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