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2020 Safety Culture Theme Speech Contest Held
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  On September 15th, at the Energy China’s promoting conference for ‘Work Safety, Epidemic Prevention and Control, and Completion of Annual Objectives’, Song Hailiang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Energy China, put forward the ‘Twelve Guarantees’ safety production requirements. It requires the affiliated companies to refine and deepen the safety management system following the principles of simplicity, efficiency and, practicality, and to truly achieve intrinsic safety.
  On September 29th, Energy China TEPC conducted a special study on the ‘Twelve Guarantees’ safety management requirements. More than 200 front-line safety officers, technicians, professional management personnel, and representatives of various units participated in the 2020 Safety Culture Theme Speech Contest held by the company.
  During the contest, from the annual safety work requirements, the contestants used fresh examples happening around them and their firsthand experiences, which closely integrated the front-line safety production practice. Everyone on the scene was touched by their sincere emotion within the plain language. Among them, works such as ‘ “Three Medicines” for Safety’ and ‘Safety Is Not Hard, Don’t Be Absent’ had received wide acclaim and won applause again and again.
  This safety culture speech contest is an important part of the 2020 Energy China TEPC ‘Safety Cup’ mass employee labor competition. The competition is themed by ‘Implementing Safety Responsibilities, Strengthening Red Line Awareness, and Promoting Safety Development’ and contestants talk about understanding, experience, and thoughts about learning and implementing the ‘Twelve Guarantees’ safety management requirements. It has been highly valued. It also makes a positive role in further enhancing employees’ safety awareness and promoting the company’s safe and civilized production.


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