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Concrete Pouring of the Amara Project No. 2 Waste Heat Boiler and Chimney Foundation Completed
Date:2020-10-19 VisitCount: Font size:[ L M S ]

  On September 18th, Energy China TEPC started the pouring of the massive concrete project of the No. 2 waste heat boiler and chimney foundation of the Iraqi AI Amara 4×125 MW Electrical Power Station Combined Cycle Expansion Project, with a total volume of 635 cubic meters.
  To ensure the quality of concrete and avoid the extreme temperature, the project department chose to pour at night. The concrete was mixed with water and ice and the cooling cycle of the refrigerator is used for cooling. It was transported by 5 tank trucks, and 2 pump trucks were used to pour at the same time (another pump truck and 1 tank truck are reserved). Relevant personnel tracked and controlled the whole process. They conducted temperature measurement and slump tests and controlled the mold-in temperature and workability on each truck. The construction adopted the control methods of layered pouring, vibrating compaction, secondary calendering, water storage and maintenance, and temperature measurement by special personnel.
  It is reported that this project is located in Al Amara City, Missan Province in the southern city of Iraq. The project is a project of 4×125 MW Electrical Power Station Combined Cycle Expansion Project. Energy China TEPC is responsible for the general contracting of the project and the supply of related materials.


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