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Three of enterprises affiliated to CEEC enjoy the title of China’s Power Construction Integrity Model Enterprises of the year of 2020.
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  Days ago, the Experience Exchange Conference on Credit System Development of Power Construction Enterprises and the Commendation Ceremony of Integrity Model Enterprises of the Year of 2020 was convened in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. At the meeting, the three enterprises affiliated to CEEC which are TEPC, CGGC and China Energy Engineering Group Jiangsu No.3 Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd (CEEC JEPC3) respectively were awarded the honorary title of China’s Power Construction Integrity Model Enterprises of the year of 2020.
  In recent years, in the aspects of both coordinating market development and production and management, the three companies, TEPC, CGGC and JEPC3 have been committed to the merits and philosophy of governance of integrity, abiding by the contract and prioritizing safety and quality, and kept up well of no bad credit records, no irregularities and no safety quality environmental accidents for three consecutive years, which has greatly contributed to and supported the reform and development as well as transformation and upgrading of the group.
  It is reported that both of the state and the electric power industry attach great importance to the construction of enterprise integrity. The establishment of the China’s Power Construction Integrity Model Enterprises award aims to give full play to demonstrating the leading role of integrity by example, facilitates the formation of social atmosphere of commending the honest and trustworthy, and improves the overall level of integrity development. The award is organized and implemented by the Credit Evaluation Committee of Chin’s Electric Construction Enterprise Association.


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