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China Energy Engineering Group Tianjin Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd (CEEC TEPC) Held Fire Safety Activity
Date:2020-11-23 VisitCount: Font size:[ L M S ]

  Days ago, in order to further popularize fire safety knowledge, enhance the fire safety quality and self-prevention and self-rescue ability of employees, and strive to stimulate a good fire safety awareness, CEEC TEPC organized a fire safety activity with the theme of Keep Away From Fire and Cherish Your Life.
  This activity combined the typical fire accident cases witnessed in China in recent years. According to the layout of fire fighting facilities in the office building, up to ten different aspects of the practical drill were carried out, such as facilities on evacuation, fire fighting and alarming, emergency response procedures of fire control room, operation of steel cylinder compartment of gas fire fighting system.
  TEPC will also carry out a comprehensive fire-fighting drill engaged by the whole staff.


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