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Energy China TEPC Contracted to Construct Unit 1 of He’nan Huazhou Project Passed 168-hour Pilot Running
Date:2020-12-02 VisitCount: Font size:[ L M S ]

  On November 11th, Unit 1 of the Huazhou 2×350 MW supercritical combined heat and power project in Henan Province, which was constructed by Energy China, successfully passed the 168-hour trial operation. This "garden" green power plant that benefits millions of local residents was officially put into operation, marking that local residents can achieve clean energy central heating this winter.
  The project was designed by Central-South Architectural Design Institute Co.,Ltd. , Tianjin Electric Power Construction was responsible for the construction and installation of Unit 1 and the public system, and Northeast Electric  Cooling Tower and Chimney Company was responsible for the chimney and cooling tower projects. The project adopts a secondary circulation system with a natural ventilation counter-flow cooling tower, and is equipped with high-efficiency dust removal, desulfurization, de-stocking and continuous online flue gas monitoring devices to achieve ultra-low emissions. All emission indicators meet the environmental protection requirements of the country and Henan Province.
  It is reported that before the project was put into operation, residents mostly used small coal-fired boilers for heating equipment. The annual consumption of dispersed coal reached 544,000 tons, and the amount of smoke and dust emissions reached 213 tons, which is equivalent to the weight of 4260 bags of wheat. After being put into operation, the project is expected to generate 3.5 billion kWh of electricity per year, and provide 7.5 million GJ of heat annually, which can meet the social needs of 16 million square meters of residential heating and 300 tons of industrial steam per hour. It will play an important role in protecting people's livelihood, replacing small boilers, and improving environmental quality.


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