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Dubai Hassyan Project Department Carried Out "Scaffold and Safeguard" Special inspection Led by Leaders
Date:2020-03-25 VisitCount: Font size:[ L M S ]

  On December 13th, to implement the requirements of Plan for Peccancy Handling Activity Carried out within Overseas Engineering Companies, the project department and security department carried out the joint inspection leading by principles. The inspection teams were led by Sun Rui, Wang Wen, operation site managers, and Zhang Lijun, site assistant, and Cheng Kun, the deputy chief engineer, respectively. The principles of construction units, security and engineering departments participated in the event.
  The inspectors paid much attention to examing all the scaffolds, security protection facilities and the materials of scaffolds, including the integrity of the security protection facilities over the scaffolds, the rationality of the proposed scaffold building and removing construction plans; whether the thickness of scaffold tubes, scaffold floor, and torque of fastener could meet the criteria; whether bending or deformation exists within scaffold tubes; whether the stability of the existing scaffolds, and the spacing between tubes could meet the criteria. The scaffold tubes, floors, and fasteners that failed to meet the criteria were discarded. Rectification notices were issued against problems discovered during inspection, which required responsible departments' timely closed loop rectification.


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