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Second-phase Belarus Social Indemnificatory Housing Project---Minsk Indemnificatory Housing Project Completion Ceremony Held
Date:2020-03-25 VisitCount: Font size:[ L M S ]

  On December 5th, local time, the completion ceremony of the Chinese-aid second-phase Belarus social housing project was held in Minsk Beijing hotel. The Chinese embassy in Belarus, Belarusian government agencies and more than 30 Chinese and Belarusian enterprises attended the ceremony.
  The ceremony started at 12:00, all the participants watched a short video on Chinese-aid housing project in Belarus. Afterwards, Cui Qiming, Chinese ambassador to Belarus; Perminova, Belarus government representative and the deputy minister of economics; and Vladimirovich, representative of the Brest state capital construction department and the deputy general manager of capital construction department of Brest state, gave speeches, respectively. In the end, ambassador Cui Qiming formally announced the completion of all seven Chinese-aid second-phase social indemnificatory housing projects in Belarus.
  The successful implementation of the second-phase Chinese-aid social indemnificatory housing projects in Belarus had improved the living condition for more than 1854 Belarus families, i.e. over 5000 people, which showed Chinese people's great friendship towards Belarus. And such friendship is now strengthened. Although there is only one building (80 apartments in total) within second-phase Minsk social housing project, this project locates in Minsk, and drew public attention since its commencement. The project was inspected by Chinese and Belarus governmental departments such as the economic cooperation bureau of China's Ministry of Commerce, International Cooperation Administration, Belarus State Labor Inspectorate Bureau, etc., and won unanimous praise. The project and its smooth progress had created a positive image for us, and laid a solid foundation for the development of the follow up third phase social housing project.
  During ceremony, ambassador Cui handed over the golden key to Perminova, Belarus representative, which symbolized construction completion.
  At the end of the ceremony, ambassador Cui shaked hands with Wang Liurong, the manager of Belarus Minsk indemnificatory housing project, and extended his congratulation once again for the successful completion of Minsk indemnificatory housing project.
  At 15:00, the completion ceremony of the Chinese-aid second-phase Belarus social indemnificatory housing project was finished.


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