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Pakistan Jamshoro project department labor union launched themed activities to celebrate International Women's Day
Date:2020-03-25 VisitCount: Font size:[ L M S ]

  On March 8th, in accordance with the labor union’s plan required by the company to celebrate the 110th International Working Women’s Day, the union of the Jamsoro Project Department in Pakistan earnestly organized an activity to celebrate International Women’s Day.
  Pre the festival, considering the actual situation on site and the outbreak of the new coronavirus, the labor union organized an essay writing about the epidemic fighting which was strongly supported by female employees on site and achieved what had been expected.
  On the morning of March 8th, All female employees on duty unexpectedly and gladly received holiday blessings and gifts from the labor union. They stated that they will continue to work hard, be brave, and perform their duties with due diligence in their respective positions, and make contributions to the project.


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