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Dubai Hassyan project started commissioning after successful boiler ignition
Date:2020-03-25 VisitCount: Font size:[ L M S ]

  At 15:00 on February 29th, the regulating unit of the natural gas pressure regulating station in Dubai Hassyan project department started to supply gas to the start-up boiler after joint gas supply inspection by the client of DUSUP and ACWA.
  At 17:58, the No. 2 start-up boiler was ignited in one try, and started boiler commissioning, drying, and boiling, which laid a solid foundation for the follow-up auxiliary steam purging, boiler ignition and pipe blowing work of the No.1 boiler.
  After the Spring Festival, Dubai Hassyan Project Department promptly organized managers and other personnel to return to the site, strictly followed the requirements of the company and the on-site EPC party during the outbreak of the new coronavirus, and continuously strengthened the on-site epidemic prevention. For the public system tail work and defects of trial operation of Unit 1, the person in charge and the completion time shall be clarified orderly and daily.
  With the engineering of the Unit 1 on going, the on-site resources are reasonably organized and coordinated to ensure that the installation of Unit 2 is carried out smoothly, achieving the “two-pronged approach” for epidemic prevention and construction.


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