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Pakistan Jamshoro Project carried out a joint production safety inspection led by directors
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  Based on the monthly safety plan and the company’s notice on anti-3-violation campaign, in order to ensure a safe and orderly construction, the EHS Department of Pakistan Jamshoro Project organized a joint inspection led by directors at 8:00 a.m. local time on March 4, 2020.
  The inspection was led by Gao Jianquan, the project manager and the party branch secretary, and Bai Junwei, the assistant on site manager, and deputy general manager and all the professional managers of the engineering department, all members of the EHS department, the heads of specialized companies, and the heads of subcontractors.
  A comprehensive inspection was carried out on the construction site and temporary production area during the campaign. This time, “3 violations” phenomenon, safe and advanced engineering, the treatment of foundation pit slopes, electricity, environmental sanitation, machinery and tool safety, fire-fighting facilities, and earth-moving roads on site were inspected to eliminate in advance the potential safety hazards.
  After the inspection is completed, a rectification form of the problems found is issued to each department and constructors. At the same time, the EHS department will supervise and close the issue by rectification within a time limit.
  Through this inspection, the on-site safety hazards were eliminated in a timely manner, and on-site safety protection facilities were improved to ensure that all construction will be carried out in a safe and controllable state.


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