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The pouring work for the superstructure of the centralized control building in Iraqi Missan Combined Cycle Power Plant completed
Date:2020-03-25 VisitCount: Font size:[ L M S ]

  The pouring work for the concrete columns on the first floor (1-2 axes) of the centralized control building superstructure in Iraqi Missan Combined Cycle Power Plant was started on February 22, local time. The pouring work started from 15:50 and ended at 21:28, and a total of 31m3 of concrete is poured.
  During the preparatory phase, safety and security department repeatedly inspected the firmness of the scaffolding to ensure the safety. The quality department discussed with the client and the supervisor several times to improve the plan. In order to ensure the concrete drop and the quality of concrete pouring, two 5m funnel ducts were made and adopted.
  The successful completion of this pouring work represents the official start of the superstructure unit of the centralized control building. In the meanwhile, the completion was contributed to the cooperation of various departments and the support of all employees. In such a special period, all the staff of the project worked together to optimize the allocation of personnel and materials. With the efficiency improved, the pouring work was completed on time and quality guaranteed!


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