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Main structure of Hulhumalé station in Maldives Malé Island ring network project (Phase 1) successfully completed
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  By 22:00 on February 20, Main structure of Hulhumalé station in MalPes Malé Island ring network (Phase 1) project successfully completed.
  The Hulhumalé substation has a rectangular shape, the substation is 24m in length, 18m in width, 15.3m in height. It has 3 stories and is a steel structure frame. The floor slabs are made of galvanized profiled concrete and the exterior wall is closed with double laminated steel plates. The electrical part includes three 132kV substations, and 132kV and 11kV cable lines connecting the substations. Hulhumalé substation is equipped with two 3-phase dual-winding on-load voltage-regulating transformers with a capacity of 95MVA. One of the two new 132kV transmission lines is for Malé and the other one for Hulhu Airport. Four 11kV transmission lines comes back to Hulhumalé Power Plant. 145kV power distribution device adopts internal GIS, cable inlet and outlet. The 11kV power distribution device adopts a indoor handcart switch cabinet, air insulation, cable inlet and outlet, and SF6 circuit breakers. The short-circuit current is raised according to the system. 40kA for Malé station and Hulhumalé station use, and 31.5kA for airport station. The construction of Hulhumalé Station started on March 6, 2019, and the structure was capped on February 20, 2020.
  Regardless of the Spring Festival and epidemic, The management of the project department keeps being on duty and stay diligent. The three stations and lines are organized according to the normal construction schedule, and all tasks are completed as scheduled. The project department fought hard on the front line and spent a rich, busy and happy Chinese year in a foreign country. Employees were greatly encouraged by the company's ardent care and the concern from the company directors which greatly boosted their morale and strengthened their confidence in completing the construction.
  In recent years, new energy engineering companies have increased the pace of “going global”. Under the guidance of the group company and the national “the Belt and Road” initiative, New Energy Engineering Company achieves developed their overseas business rapidly, and took new steps in the overseas markets. The MalPes project employees insisted to work during the Spring Festival to ensure a steady progress of the construction of the project, hence the overall progress of the project was advanced as planned, and the progress targets required by the owners were successfully completed, which laid a solid foundation for an early completion.


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