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Successful Completion of Plant-wide Rock Blasting Task of Pakistan Jamshoro Project
Date:2020-04-03 VisitCount: Font size:[ L M S ]

  Five, four, three, two, one, blast!

  At 17:00 of March 29th, 2020, local time, with the command of the explosion commander, a fierce explosion ripped through the air, marking the successful completion of the whole-plant rock blasting mission of the Jamshoro project.

  The first rock blasting of the project was carried out on March 25th, 2019, and the last blasting mission was completed on March 29th, 2020. It took us one year to complete all the rock excavation blasting missions within area like main plant, boiler room, coal storage yard, cooling tower, circulating water pump house, circulating water pipeline, railway line, T1, coal-unloading groove, C2 cover way, underground coal scuttle and C8 cover way, etc., with 1.3 million cubic meter of rock blasted in total.

  Under the premise of safe and standard operation practice, the successful completion of blasting task has not been easy, for that a large amount of buildings, equipment and facilities like office and residential area, school, mosque, former plant and public transportation area located within the range of 200-meter minimum-safety-distance required by GB6722-2014 Safety Specifications of Blasting of Jamshoro project. Meanwhile, the blasting environment was quite complicated, with specific blasting positions less than 100 meters away from the nearest building, which was quite demanding for the blasting safety control.  

  In order to effectively control the impact of blasting flying rocks and blasting vibration towards above mentioned area, the blasting team and the project department jointly established targeted control measures, and trained the site operators, so as to ensure the absolute safety over procedures from site cleaning, task design, drilling, tamping, setting isolation belt, blasting, to post-blasting site inspection.

  Since the blasting area was too close to the residential area and there were many dilapidated buildings around the blasting area, the control of blasting vibration and noise became a bottleneck problem. To tackle this problem, the blasting team and project management personnel optimized the blasting design and scheme based on the characteristics of the rock and the surrounding environment. They adopted the millisecond blasting method, and achieved Single Hole-single Shot Blasting. By lowering down the step height, and using short hole blasting method, the blasting team further reduced the explosive charge of each blasting, and kept the vibration monitor value within 0.5cm/s.

  The project accomplished the drilling and blasting tasks as scheduled without any safety accidents, and the construction schedule was well controlled. The slope flatness and precision of excavated deep foundation pit had met the design requirements. The successful conduct of the blasting had demonstrated satisfactory engineering quality, for that no obvious signs of overbreak or underbreak have been discovered at the excavated base, and the boulder yield was low.

  The COVID-19 outbreak has been taking over the headlines worldwide since February, 2020. In the meantime, the situation in Pakistan is increasingly worsening every day. The smooth completion of the blasting task of the Jamshoro Project had once again demonstrated TEPC people’s ability and reliability, and greatly boosted the morale of all the staff in the project department. We will remain rational, continue paying special to epidemic prevention and strictly implement prevention measures. In the meantime, we will steadily promote the performance on the premise of ensuring safety and quality.


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