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Sail against the wind! The first batch of Chinese employees return to work for the Meulaboh Project in Indonesia
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  On the afternoon of August 26, Energy China TEPC Indonesia’s Meulaboh 2×225 MW TTP Project ushered in the first batch of 33 Chinese employees returning to work. They will fully enrich the management power of the site by becoming the “main force” in the subsequent construction of the main factory building and the boiler steel frame lifting etc...
  Affected by the epidemic, direct flights between mainland China and Indonesia have been suspended since 0:00 on February 5th. Many employees were unable to return on time, and on-site construction and production were also affected. At the beginning of August, TEPC actively communicated and coordinated with all parties. Through careful organization and arrangement, the first batch of 33 people was finally confirmed for direct flight from China to Indonesia.
  To ensure a smooth trip, the project department has been actively preparing. On the one hand, it has been promptly reporting the overseas personnel and itinerary to the superior unit. On the other hand, it has been actively organizing the returning personnel to get the vaccination, nucleic acid testing, visa processing, and be equipped with protective clothing, N95 masks, and other epidemic prevention materials. Relevant protective measures have been done to ensure the safe and smooth return of personnel. Upon arriving at Meulaboh, the project department arranged a special car to pick up the returning personnel to the spot for quarantine, after which a quick inspection shall be carried out again to ensure the safety and health of the personnel. The project department shall also strictly comply with the regulations on epidemic prevention and control in various places along the route, take emergency response measures, on-site epidemic prevention and control, and promote the smooth development of the Meulaboh project in an orderly manner under the premise of effectively ensuring the health of employees.
  It is reported that the project is located in Meulaboh County, Darussalam District, Aceh Province, northern Sumatra, Indonesia. It is planned to build 2×225 MW subcritical units with a total installed capacity of 450 MW. It was the first large-scale thermal power project with a complete GC model undertaken by TEPC in the Indonesian market. In the follow-up, more than 70 returnees are scheduled to return to work on September 9 and September 23, respectively.


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