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Energy China TEPC Dubai Hassyan Project launches health checkup activities for all employees
Date:2020-09-14 VisitCount: Font size:[ L M S ]

  Due to the impact of the epidemic, the employees of the Dubai Hassyan project undertaken by Energy China TEPC have been stationed at the site for a long time. To ensure that the on-site employees are aware of their health conditions, enhance their health awareness, and improve the overall health of the workers, from August 8 to August 31 local time, Energy China TEPC Dubai Hassyan Project Department carried out health checkup for all employees.
  The checkup covers all employees of the project, that is more than 1,700 people including local employees. This checkup mainly checks basic physiological indicators such as body temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate, blood oxygen saturation, etc., and checks blood sugar for people over 40. Personal medical history and family medical history are inquired and recorded. And one file per person is implemented.
  During the checkup, the doctors patiently explained and ordered the usual precautions based on the questions raised by the employees so that the employees have an understanding of occupational hygiene knowledge, and ensure that the employees are healthy and fitting to work. At the same time, it also allows employees to feel the care and warmth from the project, and also allows the project to effectively know the physical condition of the employees.This checkup provided all employees with the right to occupational health protection, which was well received by employees. At the same time, it also raised employees' awareness of occupational health and safety, inspired everyone's enthusiasm for work, and provided a solid guarantee for project safety.


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