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A Number of Mainstream Media from Bangladesh Visited and Interviewed the Patuakhali EPC Project
Date:2021-01-15 VisitCount: Font size:[ L M S ]

  On the morning of January 6th local time, 16 mainstream media from Bangladesh, including Jamuna TV, Somoy TV, 71 TV, and News 24, approached the Bangladesh Patuakhali project, which is contracted by ENERGY CHINA TEPC, to carry out media gathering activities.
  After listening to the project leader’s introduction on the project overview, performance progress and future prospects, the interview group composed of 16 mainstream media reporters has visited the project’s BTG area, mixing station area, and localized residential areas to learn about the project’s construction and the situation of epidemic prevention and control.
  It is understood that the Patuakhali Project Department conducted a comprehensive analysis and assessment based on the Bangladesh epidemic situation, project characteristics, work stoppage losses and resumption risks, and adopted a “subregional and focus” resumption plan. Adhere to the “grid-based” epidemic prevention and control management, improve the special emergency plan for epidemic prevention and control, connect external channels to strengthen communication mechanisms, set up full-time stationed doctors, strengthen the integrated management of employees of the two countries, and coordinate epidemic prevention and control, resumption the two tasks of work and production, advance the project in an orderly manner. At present, the project’s construction, living, office, and production temporary construction areas have entered the final stage, and the foundation of the boiler and steam engine room has begun to piling.


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