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300 days! Jiangxi Fenyi Power Plant to break the record for the longest continuous operation after the 660,000-kilowatt unit was put into operation for the first time
Date:2021-04-20 VisitCount: Font size:[ L M S ]

  Recently, the Unit 1 of Jiangxi Fenyi 2X660,000-kilowatt expansion project undertaken by Energy China TEPC, after 300 days of uninterrupted operation, refreshed the domestic thermal power generation operation record for the first time and the industry's 114-day operation record. The unit will pass a 168-hour test run on May 29 2021.
  The project uses the NuCON system, a distributed control system independently developed by domestic researchers, thus installing domestically-made "brains" and "nerves" for domestic power plants, and getting rid of foreign technology monopoly. The project is located in Shuanglin Town, Fenyi County, Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province. The scale of construction is to expand 2 sets of 660MW ultra-supercritical coal-fired power generating units at new location, and will simultaneously construct high-efficiency dust removal, flue gas desulfurization, and denitrification facilities. The emission standards are compared with gas-fired units.
  TEPC is responsible for the installation of the main plant building, boiler and BOP systems of the whole plant.


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