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The structural construction completed of the coal unloading ditch area of the Pakistan Jamshoro project
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  On March 16, local time, the construction of the coal unloading ditch area of the 2×660,000 kilowatt ultra-supercritical coal-fired power station project in Pakistan, which was designed and constructed by Energy China, was completed 88 days ahead of schedule. By far, the structure group of the largest construction volume, the most difficult construction, and the longest construction period in the project has been completed successfully, laying a solid foundation for the next railway track laying construction and train transportation of coal.
  The structure in this area is 460 meters long, all of which are underground structures, of which the T1 foundation pit is 37 meters deep, the earth and stone blasting excavation is about 400,000 cubic meters, 4800 tons of the steel bars are tied, and 32,000 cubic meters of concrete is poured. The geology of T1 foundation pits is mostly rock layers with complex soil changes in between. The project has formulated construction plans and emergency plans in advance. To fully consider construction safety, the T1 coal unloading ditch adopts graded large-scale sloping and concrete gravity wall slope protection method is adopted for specific slopes. The earthwork blasting excavation in this area started in October 2019 and the structural construction was completed on March 16, 2021. During the period, the impact of many unfavorable factors were experienced, such as limited blasting, high temperature, heavy rain that has not been encountered in 70 years, and the Covid-19 epidemic. The project office overcame difficulties, planned carefully, and achieved the goal safely and with high quality.
  The project is located in Jamshoro, Sindh Province, Pakistan. It is Pakistan’s first large-scale coal-fired thermal power project loaned by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The total installed capacity is 1.32 million kilowatts. It was designed by the Northeast Electric Power Design Institute and TEPC is mainly responsible for construction projects and EPC of railway projects in the plant.


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